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Precision Metal Works

703 East Platt Street • Maquoketa, IA 52060
United States
(P) (563) 652-6707  (F) (563) 652-4126

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Wes Merryman, Jesse Cram,
Manufacturing, Business, Investors

Company Description:

PMW started in Maquoketa in 1983 and produces a wide range of rugged aqueous parts washers including cabinet washers, conveyors, carousels, pass through and many more configurations to fit the customer requirements. Customers select PMW washers, for the following reasons:
1.    Rugged and durable products
2.    They save labor 
3.    They clean parts well and quickly
4.    They provide excellent customer service and support information
5.    They do the job required and we don’t have to dispose of harsh chemicals.
Many of the top automotive, agricultural, aerospace and military equipment companies have selected PMW to be their key parts washer provider and have for many years. With an experienced workforce of designers and production technicians, PMW can take care of your automation needs where washers can clean products in the middle of a highly automated production cell. In addition, PMW provides contract manufacturing services from simple parts cutting onto more complex forming and welding. For some customers they provide “turn-key” service building a complete product that can be shipped directly to the end users.


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Photos on the JCEA Website are courtesy of David Namanny (Bellevue Herald Leader), Bellevue Chamber of Commerce, Maquoketa Chamber of Commerce, & Patti Hoffman (Preston Growth & Development) and The Preston Times.