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Thomson Prison Relocation Guide


AUSP Thomson

The Administrative Maximum Security United States Penitentiary, ADX USP, Thomson, Illinois

Welcome to Jackson County. The communities of Preston (26 miles), Miles (22 miles), and Sabula (14 miles) are all just a short commute from the Thomson Prison along a stretch of the Grant Wood Scenic Byway (Highway 64).

Grant Wood Scenic Byway

Preston is known for being home to two Olympic athletes (Al Feuerbach and Fred Schule). With a population of approximately 1,000 Preston is a family town, full of opportunities for all ages.

Miles has a population of approximately 450. Situated on quiet countryside and rolling hills, Miles has an appeal all its own.

Sabula is Iowa’s only island city. Situated amidst the Mississippi, Sabula has Jackson County’s only river crossing to Illinois and a population of approximately 470.

Affordable housing, family values, and a great school system makes these communities the place for you and your family to call home.

map showing location of Thomson Prison

Why choose Jackson County?

Education  The schools of southern Jackson County (Miles, Preston, and Sabula) are a part of the Easton Valley community School District. Preston has Easton Valley High School and Easton Valley Junior High School. The Easton Valley Elementary School is in Miles. Maquoketa Community School District and Bellevue Community School District serve the northern County communities. For preschool and daycare Wee Care for Young People is in Preston and Ms. Brandi’s Daycare Center is in Savanna, Illinois.


 School Name







 Easton Valley High School

 321 W. School St.






 Easton Valley Junior High School

 321 W. School St.






 Easton Valley Elementary School

 439 Wilson St.






 Wee Care For Young People

 1 South Main St.






 Ms. Brandi's Daycare Center

 706 Cedar St.







Amenities  This region is one of the most scenic in Iowa. From the rolling hills and farmland depicted in Grant Wood’s painting, to the mighty Mississippi and the bluffs that overlook it; Jackson County truly is rich in natural resources.

cultural vitality landscape illustration

The County is home to two State Parks – Bellevue State Park and Maquoketa Caves – and nearly 6,300 acres of preserved wildlife area. The Jackson County Conservation office at the Hurstville Interpretative Center offers year round environmental education and other programming for youth. In addition to the State Parks and Conservation office, the Governor awarded Jackson, Jones and Dubuque Counties $1.9 million to invest in a regional park system (learn more).

Contractor Information

The Federal Government is one of the biggest buyers in the world. On average they spend at least $400 billion annually on goods and services. At the Thomson Federal Prison everything from paper products to food to laundry services will need to be contracted. Area businesses logically have a leg up on competition here, as they can offer their goods at price that excludes much of the transportation costs of other producers.

What does it take to be contractor? Refer to the fact sheet and Thomson Prison Contractor Webinar below.

Thomson Prison Fact Sheet [doc]

Considering Government Contracting [doc]

Thomson Prison PowerPoint [doc]

Bureau of Prisons Economic Impact Report [doc]

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