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What if you could give a young person a chance to gain valuable workplace skills and learn about your company, and it didn’t cost you a dime?  What’s better than a great connection with a prospective new employee?  How about a connection with a great prospective employee who qualifies for wage funding for the first six months they work for you?  We even cover the worker’s compensation insurance throughout the work experience. 


What if you and your company helped a young person learn about exceptional workplace skills?    Every business wants employees with great skills.  You want them to show up on time, have great customer service, and learn to work independently.  What your company wants and needs, along with every employer out there, are soft habits.  Habits are built over time, and with reinforcement.  Having an opportunity to work with an employer, learn about expectations, and be held to a high standard are essential to developing a strong workforce in the future. 


What if working with your company led a young person to pursue a dream career?  Exposure to careers is key to selecting an option that fits your lifestyle and interests.  The experience you provide could lead a young person to additional training, future employment with your company, or it may become a seed that may turn into a career pathway they never would have imagined before completing a work experience. 


What if you had a partner in preparing a young person for the workforce?  Youth@Work counselors connect with the youth they serve regularly.  When youth are completing a paid work experience, the counselor monitors weekly timesheets/evaluations for any issues or challenges.  Counselors are there to ensure that the young person you partner with and your business are mutually benefitting from your experience. 


Youth@Work Contacts     

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563.244.7141 563.288.6177  563.441.4403


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