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Maquoketa mayor and Chairperson of the Jackson County Economic Alliance (JCEA), Don Schwenker, announced the promotion of Nicolas Hockenberry as the new economic development director for the JCEA effective July 1, 2018.

Hockenberry has been at the JCEA for the past 4 years serving as Economic Development Specialist and Assistant Director. At the JCEA his experience includes business attraction, retention and site assistance; downtown and community development efforts; public speaking and media interaction; and, facilitating partnerships between civic groups and public service agencies.

Hockenberry replaces David Heiar, who will continue at the JCEA as Senior Advisor and Community Coach.

“When I accepted the Director’s position 5 years ago, it was the Board’s intent that I would bring someone on staff who could work side by side for a few years and then take over as the Director. The plan has come together perfectly. It has been a pleasure to serve as Nic’s mentor for the past 4 years. I look forward to continuing to serve Jackson County and others in the region as a Senior Advisor and Community Coach,” said David Heiar.

“We are excited for Nic to move into this new role with Jackson County Economic Alliance. He will provide Jackson County with great experience in economic development, as well as new and fresh ideas to our development efforts,” Schwenker said. “We believe Nic will be a tremendous asset to our communities and our businesses.”

“I am thrilled by the opportunity to take on this new role at the Jackson County Economic Alliance,” Hockenberry said. “Home to many great employers including large corporations, local and national retailers, advanced manufacturers, and more, Jackson County has developed a well-earned reputation as a great place to do business. I look forward to working with the Board, local governments and business community to continue enhancing and promoting Jackson County as an excellent place to live and work.”

The Jackson County Economic Alliance is a private nonprofit focused on enhancing and promoting the economic condition of Jackson County through business development, workforce development, and community development. The office also manages the regional recreation and quality of life initiative known as Grant Wood Loop (Parks to People). This is a collaboration between Iowa Parks Foundation and Jackson, Jones, and Dubuque Counties. In the past year, this initiative has created the foundation for a partnership with Keep Iowa Beautiful/Hometown Pride within the region. Hometown Pride provides an opportunity to further enhance community development efforts.

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