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The Maquoketa City Council has agreed to consider having a study done of the city’s housing needs.

The council on Nov. 17 referred the issue to its Finance Committee after hearing that the city’s most recent housing study is obsolete and that one is needed to help determine the types of housing that are needed.

The committee also will consider an option of whether the city should seek to participate in a countywide study.

The council acted after a presentation by David Heiar, director of the Jackson County Economic Alliance.

He said the city’s most recent study was done in 2001, which he said “obviously is extremely dated at this point.”

Heiar said he had met recently with a couple of developers who are considering investing in housing in the city.

"The first question I hear is, 'Do you have a study that substantiates the need for housing?'

"Obviously, I'm not going to give them a 2001 housing study, so the answer is no, we really don't have a study that substantiates (a housing need)," Heiar told the council.

"There's a perception that there's a need for housing, but I don't have anything tha tbacks that up." (full article)

Douglas Melvold, November 29, 2014

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