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BETA (Bellevue Economic and Tourism Association) has taken the first step in assisting the City of Bellevue with the purchase of land for an industrial park. BETA closed on the purchase of a 5 acre site located about 1 mile south of Bellevue along Highway 52. The local economic development group also obtained an option on 48 additional acres at this site.

Last week, BETA officials closed a deal on the purchase of a five-acre site located about one mile south of Bellevue along Highway 52. The total cost was $75,000. 

The local economic development group also obtained an option on 48 additional acres at the same location.

“Local economies can only grow when new jobs are created. Many of these jobs are created by existing businesses and industries, but sometime these businesses and industries need additional space which is not always available in their current location. By purchasing land for an industrial park, BETA and the Bellevue City Council are positioning themselves for future growth,” said David Heiar, Director of the Jackson County Economic Alliance (JCEA). “This is a huge step in providing the local assets needed to grow business and industry.”

Bellevue city officals, along with BETA, actually started to discuss the concept of an industrial park in the Fall of 2013 when an industry expressed interest in constructing a new building in Bellevue. City officials and the staff at JCEA contacted many property owners on the outskirts of Bellevue to find a suitable location, but found few interested sellers.

John Hoff, the president of BETA noted, “When opportunities like this come along, cities have to be ready to act quickly. Businesses and industries are not willing to wait several months or longer to make a decision. There are many other communities who have land and are prepared to make deals quickly.” (full article...)

BY DAVID NAMANNY, Bellevue Herald-Leader, July 16, 2015

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