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What are the benefits of Venture School?

Venture school not only accelerates the startup process, but also increases your odds for success by 20%. During Ventures School you will also:

  • Discover a great market for you technology or idea
  • Learn from people who have real world knowledge
  • Appreciate what it take to commercialize your idea and the barriers to adoption
  • Develop your business model and strengthen your knowledge of business concepts and procedures
  • Expand your network by connecting with teachers, investors, customers, and mentors
  • Meet the players that can help you move your idea forward


What are the requirements?

  • Your Team must be ready to work hard! Venture School mimics the pace of a real startup
  • The teams must be fully committed to being open minded and following the Venture School process
  • All members of the team should be willing to work together to contact 100 potential customers during the course
  • Must be an active participant in all Venture School classes and presentations


How much does Venture School cost?

                Venture School costs $500 per team, however many monetary awards are distributed at the end of the program!


What makes a Venture School team?

                No one has all the skills needed to take a new idea to market. We ask that you come to Venture School with a team to help support and guide you. If you don’t have all the roles filled we can help you build a team.

  • Principal Investigator (the person with the idea)
  • Entrepreneurial Leads (investigates the commercial landscapes)


How do we apply?


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