logo icon The JCEA Board of Directors adopted the following mission statement for the Alliance in 2012.

“It is the mission of the Jackson County Economic Alliance (JCEA) to facilitate, lead and promote organized economic growth in order to improve the quality of life and to protect and create jobs through innovative and conventional programs within our community. The Jackson County Economic Alliance is responsible for developing and implementing an overall economic development plan for Jackson County. The objective of this plan is to permanently bolster economic climate through the county and fully utilize the county's assets to enhance economic growth.”

JCEA Goals Objectives

The JCEA Board of Directors has established goals and objectives for the Alliance for five years (2018-2023). The goals include:

Goal 1:

Business Retention, Expansion and Recruitment. JCEA will further develop a business retention, expansion & recruitment program for the Jackson County area to evaluate the local business climate, offer assistance to employers through meetings or actions pertaining to economic development guidelines and incentives, hiring, training and other appropriate activity relating to expansion, relocation, recruitment, and attraction of industries to increase the local tax base, sales tax collection and to create or retain jobs.

  • JCEA will work with communities to implement business incentives to utilize empty commercial buildings
  • JCEA will actively promote Jackson County as a pro-business community
  • JCEA will continue to utilize Synchronist software to identify needs of existing industry
  • JCEA will visit businesses and provide them with the wide array of resources available to them

Goal 2:

Create Higher Wage Industry Jobs. Increase the Jackson County Statistical Labor average wage for jobs to $16.50 per hour. Jackson County wage levels will be monitored on an annual basis using the Iowa Department of Workforce Development data.

Goal 3:

New Construction Plan. Promote and facilitate $50 million in new construction in Jackson County. We will track construction data through information provided by the individual city building permits and the Jackson County Assessor’s office.

Goal 4:

Quality of Life. JCEA will work with local governments and other partners to promote Jackson County as a great place to live and raise a family.

  • JCEA will assist cities in finding funding opportunities to provide quality housing options
  • JCEA will facilitate a regional effort to enhance, promote, and connect cultural, natural, and park assets through the Parks to People program

Goal 5:

Build Local Capacity. JCEA in partnership with ECIA and Hometown Pride will serve as a resource to local governments by searching for funding options to assist with projects identified as community priorities including, but not limited to, downtown redevelopment.

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