The State of Iowa provides financial and technical assistance to encourage high technology prototype and concept development activities that have a clear potential to lead to commercially viable products or

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E.C.I.A. Business Growth, Inc. owns a Regional Revolving Loan Fund. The primary purpose of this program is to promote the expansion of area businesses and to create jobs.  Application

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Provides qualifying businesses tax credits to off-set the cost incurred to locate, expand, or modernize an Iowa facility. To qualify for this flexible assistance package that includes tax credits, exemptions

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Provides a five year reducing property tax exemption for new or expanding industrial construction. The property tax exemption schedule is as follows: A. For the first year, seventy-five percent

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Iowa was built on the dreams of thousands of people owning their own business and being able to sustain a good life for their family. Owning your own business has

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 The primary purpose of this program is to promote the expansion of area businesses and to create jobs .ECIA Business Growth, Inc. administers the Jackson County Revolving Loan Fund.  Guidelines:

Category: Revolving Loan Funds

This program is available in any downtown district in Jackson County. The maximum loan will be $250,000 per project with a minimum loan amount of $5,000. The interest rate shall

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The Iowa Jobs Training Program is designed to foster the growth and competitiveness of Iowa's exisiting  business and industry, ensuring that Iowa's existing workforce has the skills and expertise to

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This program will pay one-half of the costs (not to exceed $1,000 of grant funds) associated with approved signage to assist businesses to add or replace signs in the downtown

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This program is a loan fund that is directed to make improvements to commercial buildings anywhere within the City of Maquoketa. Renovation or improvements of existing commercial building structures, but

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This program is established to assist property owners to expand or remodel commercial space in the downtown business district. The grant, which pays one-third of the costs (not to

Category: Maquoketa, revitalize, grant

This program is established to assist business owners to develop a storefront in the community’s downtown business district. A grant, of up to $5,000, will reimburse the business or property

Category: Maquoketa, Downtown, revitalize, Grant

This program is designed to assist business owners to acquire a storefront in the community’s downtown business district. A grant, of up to $5,000, will reimburse the buyer for the

Category: Maquoketa, Downtown, revitalize, Grant

Available to owners and leaseholders for exterior façade renovations in the Downtown Business District including painting, signage improvement, awnings, windows, masonry repair (including tuck-pointing), and lighting. Maximum grant award per

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This program is designed to assist owners to renovate space on the upper stories of commercial buildings in the downtown urban renewal district. The grant requires a dollar for dollar

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Maquoketa Downtown Incentive Program Summary A summary of grant and loan incentives for businesses and property owners in downtown Maquoketa area. 

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Maquoketa Valley Electric Cooperative (MVEC) created the Community/Economic Development Revolving Loan Fund (RLF) to improve the quality of life in rural areas by contributing to long-term improvement in the local

Category: Revolving Loan Funds

Maquoketa Industrial Development Assistance Service (MIDAS) Revolving Loan Fund (RLF) Program Summary: MIDAS' goals are to create/retain jobs and/or expand the local economy. MIDAS' RLF is used for

Category: Revolving Loan Funds

Equity fund that provides startups with the initial capital to move their business from idea to actuality. Commonly referred to as seed funding. It is focused on idea-level and early

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Training is an investment in your company's success. Eastern Iowa Community College District (EICCD) coordinates training for companies throughout Jackson county. There are state programs that are administered by the

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Finding available financing to grow your business is a valuable aspect of Renew Rural Iowa. RVF LP was created as a part of the Iowa Farm Bureau Federation in partnership

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E.C.I.A. Business Growth, Inc. administer's the SBA 504 Loan Program in this region for the Small Business Admniistration (SBA). This financing program helps American small businesses grow, while benefiting communities

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Tax Increment financing is a method of reallocating property tax revenues which are produced as a result of an increase in taxable valuation within a tax increment area. Tax increment

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Offers a property tax exemption for new improvements made to qualified residential properties and limited commercial properties. Owners who upgrade their residential properties located within a designated Urban Revitalization district

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